It is easy for you to see a low carb/keto activists amazing before and after pictures and think to yourself, “Wow!! That is an amazing transformation.”

And then the next thought that creeps into your head is, “I wish that was me.” or “Why is it taking me so long to lose weight?” And the seeds of self doubt, discouragement start taking root.

You are worth more than that. Your self esteem doesn’t deserve that kind of treatment. Being overweight or obese is hard enough. You don’t need to add that extra pressure of being perfect “right now”.

I can absolutely guarantee you, that all of us that show our before and after pictures were exactly where you are emotionally, right now. We looked at those same before and after pictures and we wanted that “right now”.

We rarely stopped to consider that if we just keep going, keep our head in the game and keep focused, we will get to where we want to be. Time is still going to keep on ticking by… if we stop now, the only difference is that we will have lost the amount of progress we would have made had we just continued on.

My before and after pictures were just an entry point and a tentative exit point. There was a huge journey in between that you don’t see if you only look at the beginning and the end. Even when you hit your goal, you aren’t at an end. You are at a new beginning. One of maintenance and that is a complete and separate journey.

So, let us take a look at some of my progress pictures… from the beginning to the end. The earliest pictures would be from right before I started my journey, circa 2010 and 2011.

And the most recent picture is the one above, (bottom right) on the beach from my visit back to the US in the summer of 2019.

These photos document a 10 year journey in which I have lost 200lbs. None of it has been easy. But I think about where I would be now, a decade later, had I not taken action when I did. I honestly think I would have died from a heart attack or stroke. Or possibly have lost my feet or legs from diabetic neuropathy. I keep those possibilities in mind because I don’t want to end right back where I started from. These are my reminders of why I am eating this way. Why that chocolate cake or pizza really isn’t all that important. (there are low carb and keto versions available anyway.)

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