Why Do I Need A Coach?

I will guide you through your journey regardless of your goals, whether they are to reduce your overall size or to work on improving health markers. My number one priority is to be your health champion. Your cheerleader. Your helper. Your coach. I’m on your side.

My number one question received is “Why do I need a coach?” and “How can you help me?”

Answer: Misinformation and confusion.

If it wasn’t for misinformation, I would have started my low carb journey decades earlier than I did. I was told however, that low carb diets was bad for my health, dangerous and the protein would ruin my kidneys. I was told that they only way to lose weight was to count calories, exercise more and eat very low fat, while eating lots of healthy whole grains. (Have you ever noticed bags of sweeties labelled on the front as “low fat”?) I was afraid of fat because I was told that fat would “clog my arteries” much like fat clogs drain pipes (I’m thinking of all of the stories of the fat bergs running under our city streets.) and would cause me to have a heart attack.

Thankfully, I found my way down the low carb/keto research rabbit hole 10 years ago and I’ve been able to lose the weight, put my Type 2 diabetes into remission, eliminated my high blood pressure and extended my life expectancy by decades.

I’ve made all of the mistakes. I’ve learned the lessons. I know how to investigate the causes of stalls and weight gains. I have real world experience living this lifestyle. I’ve also had the pleasure of mentoring beginners over the last 8 years. I know the value of a good support system and I put my low carb and keto values into practice.

I encourage you to contact me for your FREE CONSULTATION. Email: customketocoaching@gmail.com

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