I started gaining weight in 2nd grade. I remember very clearly “weight check” day in elementary school. I was the heaviest girl in my class. I was absolutely embarrassed and very aware of how big I felt compared to all of the other thin girls. I didn’t understand what was wrong with me. Why did I have to be like that? It was something that would stick with me for the rest of my life.

I spent my early childhood through high school battling compulsive overeating. I couldn’t stop eating! I did everything I could to get my hands on sugar.

By my early 20’s, I had been on EVERY diet imaginable. Believe it or not, when I was 13, my parents took me to the weight loss clinic where I underwent treatment with HCG (daily shots and a very low calorie diet).

I had been on diet pills, calorie restricted diets, Richard Simmons Deal-A-Meal, (my mom even wrote to Richard begging him to help me lose weight) the cabbage soup diet, the egg, banana and hot dog diet (oh please, do not ask about this one!), Nutri-System, Overeaters Anonymous, low fat diets, water fasts, Weight Watchers, the Fit or Fat Target diet, laxatives and pretty much every diet in between.

By the time I was 38, I had dieted myself to 145 kilos (320lbs) and had T2 diabetes, high blood pressure, IBS, the beginnings of diabetic neuropathy, pain in my carotid artery, anxiety, skin disorders, irregular menstrual cycles, joint and back pain, plantar fascitis and mobility issues. Every day life was a struggle.

I had little kids. Three beautiful daughters and I kept thinking, I’m going to leave them without a mummy if I don’t do something soon. But I had no idea what to do. The diet my diabetic nutritionist had me on wasn’t helping. My blood sugar was still out of control and I was seeing no improvement.

I WAS DESPERATE. I wanted to live and not just live, I wanted some kind of normal life where I wasn’t in pain all the time. The kind of life where I could engage in physical activity with my kids… heck, I just wanted to be able to fit on the amusement park rides with them.

I was so desperate that I was willing to try the low carb diet everyone told me would kill me for decades. (which is why I never tried it in the first place.)

I started my research in January 2011 and officially started a low carb diet on January 11, 2011 at 145 kilos. (at 5’4″ inches in height) And I honestly couldn’t believe what happened next… IT WORKED!

My research intensified and I found out that all of the things I had been told about low carb was WRONG!

Within 6 months, I was completely off my T2 diabetes meds and my high blood pressure medications. I was losing weight and feeling amazing. My IBS was gone and my menstrual cycle regulated itself.

So, here I am, nearly 10 years later maintaining my weight loss and still love living this lifestyle. I’ve always loved mentoring new low carb and keto dieters and helping them meet their goals. It felt only natural to become a certified keto and carnivore coach through the great folks at Keto-Adapted, which is accredited by the National Sports Medicine Academy.

I have 10 years worth of experience and resources to share with you. I know what it is like to face health and lifestyle challenges, the emotional battles, the food pushers, the mistakes, the setbacks and I know how amazing it is to have someone cheering you on, helping you meet your goals. I’ve been with the same support group for 8 years now and have formed some amazing friendships. Support is the cornerstone of being able to navigate the keto world.

My Before and After
Changing Lives Through Diet

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